English Riviera Geopark

The English Riviera has a unique geological heritage that spans millions of years and in September 2007 it received international recognition for its rich geological, historical and cultural heritage and became one of just 57 areas around the world to be endorsed by UNESCO and welcomed into both the European and Global Geopark Networks.Situated within the stunning, rolling hills of South Devon, the English Riviera's geology has created the beautiful coastline of today, which fundamentally links the rich diversity of landscape with wildlife, people and culture.

Geopark Festival
Look out for the annual Geopark Festival in May, celebrating an epic adventure - 400 million years in the making!!

Walk the Geopark ..... Cycle the Geopark ..... Taste the Geopark ..... Dive in the Geopark ..... Sail in the Geopark .....
Canoe in the Geopark ..... Fish in the Geopark .....

To find out more about our amazing geological journey visit www.englishrivierageopark.org.uk