Happy Christmas


Christmas time is upon us once again.  The Christmas Tree is up. Mince Pies made with home made mincemeat.  Family and guests are visiting once again.  

We have wrapped some treats for Tia and Bella and put on the Tree.... One of the packets has gone missing..... I wonder who the cultrit is, they both look guilty.

We have spend the past month visiting family, and best of all CHRISTMAS MARKETS.  I do love to stroll around these and soak up the apmostphere, but it is best to avoid the weekends.

I went to G4 Christmas by Candle light tour this year.  This was so worth it.  Not only was it a fab concert, but they had a wicked sense of humour too, especially when a phone kept going off during Amazing Grace, one of them said you had better answer it, it might be Grace, when it went off again, they all went down and joking went to the lady got her phone from her bag and said sorry she can't come to the phone now she is busy.... it was such a good night everyone was hooting with laughter. 

Exeter Cathederal was also great for the Carol Concert.  A wonderful time had by all.

Talking of Exeter Catherdral, G4 is there next year.... guess who is getting her ticket early :)

I took some time to watch one of my favourite films, Angels and Ornaments, the song "Twas the Night" always makes me stop and think.  Gives me chills.  Family is always important to me, Christmas re-enforces this.  It is time for remembering all our loved ones, including those who have passed, or cannot be with us.

We have had a fantastic year this year, and we want to thank all of our lovely guests who have stayed with us.  We have lots of regular guests, and have made many friends.  We love you all.  We are looking forward to the next year, and making many more friends.

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