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Things to do in Torquay - what memories are made of!

Have fun, be entertained, experience good food and enjoy the uniqueness of South Devon. Good times are guaranteed with a holiday in Devon and you'll take fond memories home to share with friends and family. Whenever you visit you'll find an array of events to entertain you. To get the very best out of your holiday we are happy to help plan a personalised itinerary for you on request.

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Torquay beckons with a tapestry of diverse activities sure to enchant visitors of all ages. Embark on a wild adventure at Paignton Zoo, where you can encounter fascinating creatures from around the globe or delve into the ancient mysteries of Kents Cavern, a subterranean wonderland steeped in history.
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Castles & Gardens

Exploring the castles and gardens surrounding Torquay offers a captivating journey through history and natural beauty. Begin your adventure at the majestic Torre Abbey, where you can wander through lush gardens adorned with vibrant blooms and ancient ruins that whisper tales of centuries past.
Castles & Gardens

Dining Out

A great selection of the many restaurants and inns located in and around Torquay. Although we cannot recommend specific places all have been popular with previous guests!
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Activities for your Holiday

Here you'll find cultural events, sailing activity, glamorous shows, firework displays, colourful carnivals, so whether you prefer a relaxing holiday in Devon or something more adventurous, the English Riviera has something for everyone.
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Agatha Christie

The annual Agatha Christie Festival takes place over one week in September and is co-ordinated by the Torbay Cultural Partnership.The week is part of a nation-wide celebration of the life and works of the most published novelist of all time.Events range from talks of the famous crime writer, street performances, creative writing workshops, screenings of Agatha Christie classics on film and murder mystery evenings.
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Surrounding Towns & Villages

Nearby towns all have their own individual characters and together with delightful gardens and stunning coastal walks or cycling routes they all make for an ideal day out. There are treasured memories to be made, every beach and town is different, many are easily accessible via public transport or more excitingly via steam train, pleasure boat, ferry or open top bus. All are enjoyed at their best at the usual pace in Devon - leisurely!
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